Ad avis (or Adavis) is probably one of the most unique personalities if not the one with the most personality in Hoyle 3. He speaks with honeyed words, often praising his opponent (or rather flattering them), and remaining fairly calm even when he loses and even praising the player's successes. But has a tendency to show arrogance when he wins (and enjoys 'victory' and 'triumph'), but is gracious when he loses. But 'nobly' grants the player another chance to win, or next time will 'allow you to win'.

Like many of the villains  shows interest in his appearance when crowned king in checkers, showing a bit of vanity perhaps (however, he remains calm, and doesn't show the same level of obsession as some of the other characters, hiding the fact that he enjoys ruling over others). However, he also praises players who are crowned as well (were many of the other villains show indifference or disgust).

He has a tendency to call his opponent 'effendi' (friend) and this is used enough to be considered his catchphrase, and sometimes 'noble one'. He also refers to the player as 'worthy one' or 'worthy opponent' and sometimes calling himself 'unworthy' when he loses. He even once calls his opponent 'excellency'.

Out of all the players he is one of the few that gives a look into belief systems or culture he originates from. He makes reference to Allah and the Prophet appearing to believe in them (all through this is probably a ruse). He mentions how Allah favors or smiles upon his success for example. He also believes in fortune or luck driving the success of himself or the player. At least once referring to the player as 'lucky one' or some variation.

Other than his regular talk animation, he

Adavis appears to be a pre-QFG2 version of the character, as he is very much alive. His eyes widen when he smiles. He has a hearty laught, and stern grimace.

Text filesEdit


0 I shall have to pass.
1 I pass.
2 I must pass.
3 You must pass your turn at this time.
4 It is necessary for you to pass.
5 You will have to pass now.
6 Please! These dominoes are mine!
7 You are attempting to play my dominoes.
8 Please, effendi - play your own pieces!
9 You must finish choosing a hand.
10 You have not yet chosen all your dominoes.
11 You have yet to choose a hand, effendi.
12 Before you can play, you must choose a domino.
13 You must have a domino to put in that position.
14 How can you play when you have not chosen a domino?
15 This hand is mine.
16 I have taken this hand.
17 I have won this hand.
18 You have bested me this hand.
19 This hand is yours, effendi.
20 You have won this hand.
21 It appears we have tied this hand.
22 This hand has resulted in a tie.
23 This hand is a tie, it seems.
24 That play is most invalid, effendi.
25 The rules do not permit such a play.
26 The play which you are attempting is invalid.
27 By the beard of the Prophet! You have won!
28 Would effendi permit me the chance to win the next game?
29 Fortune has favored you! Perhaps next time things will be different.
30 Allah favors me - I have won the game!
31 I was indeed fortunate to win this game.
32 Your skill was great, but mine was greater.
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.


0 Very well, we will call the game a draw.
1 You request a draw? I can be generous. It is a draw.
2 We will call it a draw, then.
3 On my honor, I cannot call this game a draw.
4 I must refuse your request for a draw.
5 No. I will not call the game a draw.
6 That piece is not a king, noble one.
7 Only kings can move backwards, effendi.
8 You have mistaken that piece for a king.
9 You cannot play to that square.
10 You have moved to the wrong square.
11 Not that square, effendi.
12 That move is not valid, effendi.
13 Look again, noble one. You cannot make such a move.
14 You must not make an invalid move such as that.
15 That is not your piece.
16 I'm afraid that piece is not yours to move.
17 You must move only your own pieces.
18 You will play first.
19 To you goes the first move.
20 You will move first.
21 Though you might wish it otherwise, you must take that jump.
22 When a jump is possible, effendi, it must be taken.
23 I fear it is necessary for you to take the jump that has presented itself to you.
24 You have been crowned king!
25 You are now a king!
26 You are a king!
27 I think I look good in a crown, don't you?
28 I have become a king!
29 I am a king!
30 Ah, such a masterful move on your part!
31 Your move has taken me by surprise!
32 Alas! Now I will surely lose the game!
33 You have won the game!
34 You are the winner, but perhaps you will grant me another chance.
35 Perhaps we should play again to be certain you did not win by luck.
36 I have triumphed in this game!
37 I have won, but I will nobly grant you another chance.
38 For now, I am the winner. Perhaps we will play again.


0 Ah! I have rolled high.
1 As I have rolled highest, I will play first.
2 Mine is the first play.
3 Ah! You have rolled high! By all means -- play first.
4 You have rolled highest, effendi. You should play first.
5 Yours is the first play, lucky one.
6 It is not possible for you to roll the dice now.
7 This is not the time for you to roll the dice.
8 Not now, effendi.
9 I fear you will not be able to make that play.
10 The play that you are trying to make is invalid.
11 That's an invalid play, effendi.
12 At this time, I would like to double.
13 Allah is smiling on me. I have decided to double.
14 Would effendi be willing to consider a double?
15 I accept your double, oh worthy one.
16 I accept your offer of a double.
17 I agree. Let us double.
18 Regretfully, I must decline your double and resign.
19 I have no choice but to refuse your double. The game is yours.
20 I must refuse your double.
21 I believe you will find that it is not your turn to double.
22 As I recall, you were the last to double, which means you cannot double now.
23 The double you are proposing is most invalid, effendi.
24 One can only double at the start of one's turn.
25 As it is not the beginning of your turn, you may not double now.
26 Only at the beginning of the turn may you double, not now.
27 It is not possible to double yet again.
28 I believe the game cannot be doubled again.
29 No more doubling is allowed, effendi.
30 You must use the die of higher value.
31 The highest die is the one you must use.
32 Use the highest die, effendi.
33 That man is not in play, effendi.
34 You cannot play that man.
35 That man has already left the board.
36 You still have a man on the bar, worthy one.
37 It will be necessary to remove the man on the bar before moving.
38 You cannot move while a man remains on the bar.
39 You must roll your dice before attempting a move.
40 Perhaps if you rolled the dice first?
41 It is better to move after you have rolled the dice.
42 The man you are attempting to play is mine, effendi.
43 I am afraid that man is mine.
44 Perhaps you should play your own men.
45 Regretfully, I must pass my turn.
46 As I cannot move at this time, I must pass.
47 I fear I must pass.
48 It appears you must pass your turn.
49 Alas, you are unable to move further. You must pass.
50 It will be necessary for you to pass now.
51 You have placed your humble servant at a disadvantage.
52 A masterful move, indeed!
53 I can see I must be more cautious.
54 A thousand apologies. I have placed your man on the bar.
55 You should learn to be more careful, effendi.
56 I had no choice but to take that man out of play.
57 It is not yet time to begin bearing off, excellency.
58 You will not be allowed to bear off at this time.
59 It is not yet the right time to bear off.
60 You may most certainly roll again.
61 You will be allowed one more roll of the dice.
62 Please, roll again.


0 You cannot take that move - you are blocked.
1 I believe you will find that move blocked.
2 It is impossible to move when one has been blocked.
3 It is forbidden to advance a blockade.
4 You cannot move both those pieces to the same space.
5 You are not allowed to advance a blockade.
6 That is not the space to which your roll takes you.
7 You should count the roll again - that is not the correct space.
8 That is not the correct space.
9 If you wish, you can enter a pawn.
10 It is possible to enter a pawn on this roll.
11 Would you like to enter a pawn?
12 I have erected a blockade on that space.
13 Observe - a blockade.
14 I have made a blockade.
15 Ah! A blockade!
16 You have made a blockade!
17 You now have a blockade!
18 As you rolled highest, you should play first.
19 Yours is the first play, effendi.
20 Your high roll has won you the first play.
21 As my roll was highest, I will play first.
22 This humble one will play first.
23 I have rolled highest.
24 The rules do not permit you to enter a pawn on such a roll.
25 One may enter a pawn on a roll of one only.
26 It is not possible to enter a pawn with that roll.
27 I believe you must complete your move now.
28 It is necessary to finish your turn.
29 The game cannot continue if you do not finish your turn.
30 The rules of Pachisi do not permit that move.
31 It is not possible to move that pawn to that place.
32 Effendi, you attempt an invalid move.
33 You have rolled doublets one too many times, effendi.
34 To roll doublets three times in a row is unfortunate, is it not?
35 Now you must give up your turn.
36 This unfortunate one must give up his turn.
37 I have rolled doublets too many times. How unfortunate!
38 Would that I had not rolled doublets a third time.
39 Indeed, you have captured my pawn.
40 You have captured my pawn - I am sorely hurt.
41 Ah! My pawn is your prisoner.
42 I have taken your pawn prisoner.
43 Like lightning, I have captured your pawn.
44 My apologies, effendi, for capturing your pawn.
45 Please, effendi -- roll again!
46 You are permitted one more roll.
47 You must roll again now.
48 Alas! You have beaten me!
49 Perhaps I was not playing as well as I thought.
50 Have you considered the fact that I might have permitted you to win?
51 I have won the game!
52 Victory is sweet, is it not, my worthy opponent?
53 Perhaps if we play again, you will get lucky, as they say.
54 You cannot move at this time.
55 You have no move - you must pass.
56 It would seem you must pass.
57 No move is possible - I pass.
58 I will pass.
59 I cannot move.
60 I believe I can better that roll, effendi.
61 I will roll higher.
62 Watch as I make the highest roll.
63 The rules do not permit you to enter a pawn on such a roll.
64 One must enter a pawn on a roll of three.
65 It is not possible to enter a pawn with that roll.


0 Perhaps you should roll the dice first.
1 It might be best to roll the dice first.
2 Has effendi considered rolling the dice?
3 You must decide where you want your score to go.
4 You must decide upon a score category for your hand.
5 Ah, you must select a category for this hand, yes?
6 You have locked in this hand already.
7 The choice for this hand is locked in.
8 This hand is already locked in.
9 You have a score in that category already.
10 I believe you already have a score there.
11 You will not be able to score that category again.
12 But, effendi - that is not your scorecard!
13 You should only score on your own scorecard.
14 You cannot enter scores on another player's scorecard.
15 It is not your turn now.
16 This turn has been scored already.
17 It is not your turn.
18 You will have to score your hand now.
19 This hand must be scored now.
20 You have no rolls left.
21 You have kept all your dice. Perhaps you should score your hand.
22 You have no dice to roll.
23 It is time to score your hand, maybe?.
24 Luck is not with me, it would seem.
25 This is most unfortunate.
26 Alas! I could only try.
27 A most unfortunate turn of luck for you.
28 That is most lamentable, effendi.
29 An ill-fated hand, indeed.
30 It appears this game is a tie.
31 This game seems to be tied.
32 It seems we have tied the game.
33 What an incredible roll!
34 An extraordinary roll!
35 How fortunate for you!
36 I will call this hand Ones.
37 I will take Ones.
38 Ones!
39 I will take Twos.
40 I am calling Twos.
41 Twos.
42 This time I will take Threes.
43 I will take Threes.
44 Threes.
45 This hand will be Fours.
46 I will take Fours.
47 Fours!
48 I am calling Fives.
49 I will make this hand Fives.
50 Fives!
51 This time I will take Sixes.
52 I will call Sixes.
53 Sixes!
54 This hand will be Four of a Kind.
55 I will take Four of a Kind.
56 Four of a Kind!
57 This time, a Full House.
58 I will call a Full House.
59 Full House!
60 This is a Small Straight.
61 I will call a Small Straight.
62 Small Straight!
63 This one will be a Large Straight.
64 I will take a Large Straight.
65 Large Straight!
66 I will call a Yacht.
67 I'll take a Yacht.
68 Yacht!
69 It appears I must take a Choice.
70 I will take a Choice.
71 Choice!
72 You have rolled a Yacht!
73 You have a Yacht!
74 A Yacht! How lucky for you!
75 I cannot believe my eyes! I have rolled a Yacht!
76 What luck for this unworthy one! A Yacht!
77 I have rolled a Yacht!
78 You have defeated this unworthy one.
79 You have won this game, but perhaps we will play again, hmmm?'
80 You are the winner, effendi.
81 I have emerged the winner in this game.
82 Fortune smiles upon me. I have won the game.
83 It is true I won, but perhaps next time I will allow you to win.