Arnoid tends to have a bit more personality than some of the other characters in Hoyle 3. He speaks with a noticeable accent, which can almost be described as a brawny bruiser and dimwitted. However, he doesn't say anything that clearly puts him into a specific theme, catch phrases or science-fiction euphamisms. There is no reference to space or any related things.

Beyond his speaking animation, he shrugs his shoulders while he laughs and smiles when he has made a successful move or at the player if the player hasn't done so well,   his pecs and abdoman contracts while he makes a deeper laugh when he wins. When he dislikes a player's attempt at an invalid move or play he flexes his arm and bares his teeth.

Text filesEdit


0 I got to pass now.
1 I guess I got to pass.
2 I'm passing dis time.
3 I think you haf to pass now.
4 Dis time you haf got to pass.
5 You haf to pass dis time.
6 Hey, dose aren't your dominoes!
7 Get your hands off my dominoes!
8 Dose are mine!
9 You haf to finish choosing, yes?
10 I think you better finish choosing.
11 You haf more dominoes to choose.
12 You haf to haf one to play, you know?
13 You can't play unless you choose a domino.
14 You are trying to play witout choosing a domino.
15 I haf won dis hand. Dat's good.
16 I haf won da hand. I'm happy.
17 Did you see me win dis hand?
18 Ach! You won da hand!
19 I think you better let me win da next hand, okay?
20 I really don't like to lose da hand.
21 Hey, we tied one!
22 Nobody won dis hand, right?
23 Dis hand is a tie, yes?
24 Dat is an invalid play.
25 You can not do dat.
26 I do not tink you can make dat play.
27 You won da game. Now I haf to hurt you.
28 I really hate losing.
29 You will let me win next time.
30 I won da game. I like it when I win.
31 We can play again, but I will not let you win.
32 Hooray - I won!
33 We don't haf a score yet.
34 There is no score. We hafen't started da game.
35 We'll haf a score after we start playing, yes?


0 All right. It's a draw already.
1 Okay, we will call it a draw.
2 A draw is okay mit me.
3 I'm sorry, but I cannot call dis game a draw.
4 I don't want to make it a draw, and I won't.
5 If you insist on a draw, it will make me angry.
6 Hey! Dat's not a king, you know?
7 You can't move dat piece like a king.
8 Only kings can move like dat.
9 Dat square is not in play, you know?
10 You can't move a piece to dat square.
11 You should move to anudder square, yes?
12 Dat's not a good move, dere.
13 I don't tink you can make a move like dat.
14 Dat's an invalid move, I tink.
15 Hey, dat's not your piece!
16 You can't use MY pieces! Go get your own!
17 Don't you know you can't play da game mit my pieces?
18 So. You go first.
19 You must play first, yes?
20 You get to play first.
21 You haf to make dat jump, you know.
22 Da rules say you haf to make dat jump.
23 If you haf a jump, you must take it.
24 You are a king.
25 I do not like you to be a king.
26 When you are made a king, I am made unhappy.
27 I am a king!
28 I like being a king.
29 I like it when I am made a king.
30 Dat jump was very good. Dey won't be back!
31 You should not jump my pieces like dat any more.
32 When you play good like dat, it makes me want to hurt you.
33 You haf won da game.
34 I do not like to lose.
35 I tink you had better let me win next time.
36 Hooray! I haf won da game!
37 I knew I was going to win, didn't you?
38 I am very happy dat I won da game. Would you like to let me win again?


0 Look at dat! I got da high roll!
1 Now I guess I will go first.
2 I will go first now.
3 You got da high roll.
4 You'd better go first.
5 You will go first, I tink.
6 You can't roll your dice now.
7 It's not time to roll your dice yet.
8 You'd better not roll your dice yet.
9 Da rules say you cannot do dat.
10 I am sorry, but dat's an invalid play.
11 Do not make an invalid play - I will be forced to hurt you.
12 I am going to double now. Do not try to stop me.
13 Now I will call for a double.
14 I tink I want to call for a double now.
15 I will accept your double.
16 O.K., we will double.
17 Go ahead and double. I will win anyway.
18 I cannot accept your double. I got to quit.
19 No. No double. No way.
20 I will not double. You cannot make me. I quit.
21 I haf da cube - you cannot double.
22 It is not your turn to double now.
23 If you try to double now, I will haf to hurt you.
24 You can only double at da start of your turn, you know?
25 You can't double now. Do it at da start of your turn.
26 Why are you trying to double now?
27 We already doubled dis game as much as we can.
28 I don't tink we can double dis game anudder time.
29 Dis game has got all da doubles it can get, you know?
30 You haf to use da biggest die.
31 Use da highest die, okay?
32 Use da biggest die.
33 Dat man is off da board already.
34 You can't play da men when dey are off da board.
35 You haf to leaf dat man alone now.
36 Hey, you got a guy on da bar, so you can't move.
37 You can't move dat man when you got a guy on da bar.
38 First you got to get dat guy off da bar.
39 How can you play when you don't roll da dice?
40 If you're going to play, you should roll da dice first.
41 You better roll da dice before you try to move.
42 Dat's my guy. You don't touch my guy.
43 You move your own guy, okay?
44 Keep your hands off my guys or I'll get angry.
45 I gotta pass now.
46 I'm gonna pass.
47 I'm gonna pass now, okay?
48 I tink you gotta pass, now.
49 You better pass, okay?
50 Now I tink you haf to pass.
51 I should have known better dan to gif you dat opening.
52 Ach, you got me. You better be careful, or I will get you back.
53 I really don't like it when you put me on da bar like dat.
54 You should not leaf a man open dat way.
55 I had to take dat man you left in de open like dat.
56 I got you dat time!
57 You cannot bear off yet.
58 I am afraid you cannot bear off chust yet.
59 It is not time for you to bear off.
60 I tink you had better roll again.
61 You better roll again, okay?
62 Now you get to roll again.


0 You can't move dere - you are blocked.
1 Dere's a block in your way.
2 You can't move around dat block.
3 Dat's a blockade. You cannot move dose pieces tagedder.
4 Da rules say you can not advance a blockade.
5 You haf to move dose two pieces to different spaces.
6 I think you had better count again.
7 Dat's not da right space for you.
8 You didn't move da right number of spaces.
9 Now you can enter a pawn if you want to.
10 You haf rolled a one - you can enter a pawn.
11 Dat roll is also good for entering a pawn.
12 Look! I haf made a blockade!
13 I put two pawns dere. Dat's a blockade.
14 Dose two pawns are a blockade.
15 You haf made a blockade!
16 Dat's a blockade, yes?
17 Dat looks like a blockade.
18 Since you got da high roll, you get to go first.
19 Da high roll means you go first.
20 You rolled da highest, so you go first.
21 Hey, look at dat! I got da high roll!
22 I rolled high, so I will go first.
23 I get to play first.
24 Hey, you can not enter a pawn with dat roll!
25 You know you haf to roll a one to enter a pawn.
26 You can not enter a pawn on dat roll.
27 Now you must move, yes?
28 I tink you must move now.
29 You haf not finished your turn.
30 Are you trying to make me angry? You can't move dere.
31 Dat is an invalid move.
32 Da rules say dat move is invalid.
33 You got three doublets. Dat's bad.
34 You got one too many doublets, yes?
35 Now you haf to lose your turn.
36 Oh, no! I haf got three doublets!
37 Ach! I rolled doublets three times!
38 I got to lose my turn. Dat's bad.
39 You haf captured my pawn. Dis does not make me happy.
40 If you do dat again, I will haf to gif you a thump.
41 Ach! You haf captured my pawn!
42 You see? I captured your pawn.
43 I haf captured your pawn.
44 Hah! I captured dat guy!
45 Roll again.
46 You must roll again.
47 Now you haf to roll again.
48 It makes me very unhappy when you win.
49 I do not like it when you win. Now we must play again.
50 You won dat game, all right, but you will not win da next one.
51 Did you see how skillfully I won dat game?
52 Maybe you would like to play again. I love to win!
53 Hah! I won da game! Dat makes me very happy.
54 You don't haf any moves.
55 You haf to pass.
56 You can't move - you haf to pass.
57 I am stuck here. I pass.
58 I can't move so I'm going to pass.
59 I pass.
60 Dat roll's not so good. I can do better.
61 I can beat dat roll.
62 Do you want to see me beat dat roll?
63 Hey, you can not enter a pawn with dat roll!
64 You know you haf to roll a three to enter a pawn.
65 You cannot enter a pawn on dat roll.


0 You should really roll da dice first.
1 I tink you had better roll da dice.
2 You better roll da dice first.
3 You haf to lock in your score category now.
4 You can't roll again till you lock in your score category.
5 You better lock in your score category now.
6 Dat's locked in already.
7 You can't go changing your mind now, you know.
8 You haf locked in a category already.
9 You scored a hand in dat place already.
10 You did dat one already.
11 You already haf a score in dat place.
12 You should only be scoring your own scoresheet.
13 You should not be scoring somebody else's scoresheet.
14 Hey, dat's not your scoresheet, you know?
15 It's not your time to do dat.
16 It's not your turn.
17 Hey. It's somebody else's turn now.
18 You don't haf any rolls left.
19 You haf to score da hand now.
20 You can't roll again.
21 You kept all da dice. What are you going to roll?
22 Did you want to put some of da dice back, or what?
23 You could put some dice back, or you could chust score da hand.
24 Now I haf to put a zero dere. I am not happy.
25 I don't like it when I get a bad score.
26 Getting a zero makes me angry, you know?
27 You haf to put a zero in dat place.
28 I bet you hate it when dat happens, yes?
29 Dat's really too bad for you.
30 We haf tied dis game, you know.
31 Dis is a tie game.
32 Dis game is a tie.
33 Dat's a really super roll, you know?
34 Wow! Dat was a lucky roll!
35 What a great roll dat was!
36 I will take Ones.
37 Dis one will be Ones.
38 Ones.
39 I tink I want Twos.
40 How about Twos?
41 Twos.
42 I want Threes.
43 I will take Threes.
44 Threes.
45 Fours, dis time.
46 I will call Fours.
47 Fours.
48 I will take Fives.
49 I tink I want Fives.
50 Fives!
51 How about Sixes?
52 I am calling Sixes.
53 Sixes!
54 I am taking Four of a Kind.
55 I need Four of a Kind.
56 Four of a Kind!
57 I would like a Full House.
58 I am going to need a Full House.
59 Full House!
60 I will take a Small Straight.
61 A Small Straight dis time.
62 Small Straight!
63 I want a Large Straight.
64 I will need a Large Straight.
65 Large Straight!
66 I'm gonna go for da Yacht.
67 I need a Yacht.
68 I will take da Yacht.
69 I will take a Choice.
70 I will haf to take a Choice.
71 Choice!
72 You haf got a Yacht. Dat's good.
73 You haf rolled a Yacht!
74 You got a Yacht!
75 Look at dat! I got a Yacht!
76 Hey, I haf rolled a Yacht!
77 I got a Yacht!
78 I wanted to win dis game. It is usually safer to gif me what I want.
79 I tink next time you had better let me win, so I don't haf to hurt you.
80 I do not like to lose, you know?
81 Hooray! I haf won da game! I am such a happy guy!
82 I am so happy, I would like to play anudder game!
83 Let's play some more, so I can win again!