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0 I guess I'll pass.
1 I pass.
2 I'll pass this time.
3 I'm afraid you're going to have to pass.
4 I don't think you have any choice - you'll have to pass.
5 You're going to have to pass this time.
6 Excuse me, but that one's mine!
7 Why are you trying to play my dominoes?
8 Ahem! That's MY domino.
9 Don't you think you ought to finish choosing a hand?
10 You won't be able to move until you've chosen a hand.
11 You have to choose a hand first.
12 Maybe you should choose a domino first.
13 You really can't play until you've chosen a domino.
14 First you should choose a domino.
15 I won this hand!
16 Better luck next time!
17 I won!
18 Guess I'd better try harder.
19 You got me this time.
20 Looks like you won this time.
21 We seem to have tied this one.
22 Looks like this hand is a tie.
23 It's a tie!
24 Hmm... I think that's an invalid play.
25 You might want to check the rules -- I think that's an invalid play.
26 I don't think you can do that. Shall we check the rules?
27 That was a good game. Maybe next time I'll win.
28 You win! Can we play again?
29 You win!
30 I got lucky that time. Want to play again?
31 That was fun! I'm sure you'll win next time.
32 I win! Let's play again!
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.


0 You're right. Let's call this one a draw.
1 Okay, we'll call it a draw.
2 It doesn't look like either of us can win this one, does it?
3 I really can't give up yet. Sorry.
4 No, I don't think I'm ready to call this one a draw yet.
5 Sorry, I haven't given up yet.
6 That piece isn't a king, you know.
7 You really can't move regular pieces that way.
8 Only kings can move backwards.
9 I don't think we're playing on those squares.
10 That's not one of the squares we can play on.
11 That square's not playable.
12 You really can't move there.
13 I don't think you're allowed to move there.
14 That's an invalid move.
15 Oh, that's not your piece!
16 That's one of mine.
17 Please don't try to move my pieces.
18 You're first!
19 You'll be moving first.
20 Go ahead - you're first.
21 I think you have a jump to make, don't you?
22 You have to make a jump now.
23 Hmm... don't you have a jump to make?
24 Good move. You're a king now!
25 Lucky you, you're a king!
26 You're a king!
27 I'm a king! Isn't this fun?
28 Now I'm a king!
29 I'm a king!
30 My, that was a wonderful move!
31 I wish I played as well as you do!
32 Oh, you're so good at this game!
33 Well, you win this time. Let's play again, okay?
34 That was fun, wasn't it? Maybe I'll win the next game.
35 You win. Shall we play again?
36 Thanks for playing with me. I'm sure you'll win the next game.
37 You played very well. Shall we play again?
38 I win! Let's play again.


0 I got the high roll, I'll go first.
1 I'm first this time.
2 I'm first!
3 You got the high roll, you go first!
4 You're first this time.
5 You're first!
6 Oh, you can't roll the dice now!
7 It's not time to roll the dice yet.
8 You'd better wait until it's time to roll the dice.
9 I don't think you can do that. Should we check the rules?
10 That's an invalid move.
11 I think that move's invalid.
12 I'm doing well enough now, I think I'll double.
13 I'm going to double now, do you accept?
14 I think I'll double!
15 I think I still have a chance. I'll accept your double.
16 I like to take my chances -- I accept your double!
17 I accept. Now wish me luck!
18 I just don't think I have a chance of winning. I'll have to refuse your double.
19 I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead.
20 You're too far ahead of me. I'll just have to give you this one.
21 Didn't you double last time?
22 I don't think it's your turn to double this time.
23 I think the cube is mine this time.
24 You can only double at the start of a turn.
25 Maybe you'd better wait until the start of the next turn.
26 You can't double at this point in the turn.
27 Oh, I think we've doubled this game all we can.
28 We've met our limit on doubling already.
29 We're not going to be able to double this game any more.
30 You have to use the higher die.
31 Since you can only use one, it has to be the higher one.
32 I think you have to use the larger die.
33 You can't play that man - he's already off the board.
34 You bore than man off - he's out of play.
35 You can't play men that are off the board.
36 You won't be able to move while you have a man on the bar.
37 You can't move yet - you still have a man on the bar.
38 You'll have to get that man off the bar first.
39 I think you'd better roll your dice first.
40 Don't you think you should roll the dice?
41 You need to roll the dice before you can play.
42 That's my man you're trying to move.
43 Excuse me, but that's mine.
44 Don't you think you ought to play your own men?
45 I haven't got any choice. I have to pass.
46 Oh, darn. I've got to pass.
47 I guess I'll pass.
48 It looks like you're going to have to pass.
49 I think you'll have to pass.
50 You'll have to pass this turn.
51 Well, I shouldn't have left that one open.
52 Uh-oh, I'll need a good roll, now!
53 I just KNEW that was going to happen!
54 Sorry, but you did leave that one open!
55 Good luck on your next roll!
56 I really got lucky that time!
57 You can't start bearing off until all your men are in your inner table!
58 Don't start bearing off yet -- you have to get all your men to your inner table first!
59 Wait until you get all your men to your inner table!
60 You have another roll coming.
61 Don't forget to roll again.
62 Roll again!


0 Oops! Looks like that move is blocked.
1 You're not going to be able to get past that blockade.
2 I'm afraid you're blocked.
3 You're not allowed to move those pawns to the same space.
4 The rules say you can't advance a blockade.
5 You'll have to move those pawns to different spaces.
6 Oh! I think you may have counted wrong.
7 Aren't you supposed to be on another space?
8 Perhaps you should count your roll again.
9 You could enter a pawn if you wanted.
10 On a roll of one, you can enter a pawn.
11 Would you like to enter a pawn?
12 I made a blockade!
13 I'm going to try to hold you with that.
14 Maybe that will slow you down, hmmm?
15 A blockade! Goodness!
16 Oh, no!
17 How am I going to get past that?
18 You got the high roll, you go first!
19 You're first this time.
20 You're first!
21 I got the high roll, I'll go first.
22 I'm first this time.
23 I'm first!
24 You have to roll a one to enter a pawn.
25 You can't enter a pawn on that roll. Wait for a one, okay?
26 Sorry, you'll have to wait for a roll of one.
27 You still have to move!
28 You can't end your turn until you've moved the count of the roll!
29 Your turn isn't over yet!
30 I don't think you can do that. Should we check the rules?
31 That's an invalid move.
32 I think that move's invalid.
33 Sorry, you just lost your turn.
34 Too bad, you lost your turn for that third doublet.
35 You rolled doublets too many times!
36 Oh, no! I lost my turn!
37 I guess I had too much luck that time.
38 Oops! Too many doublets.
39 Oh, no. I didn't get out of your way fast enough, I guess.
40 Too bad. I'll need some lucky rolls now!
41 Good move. I hope I can catch up again!
42 Well, I sure got lucky that time.
43 That was a lucky roll.
44 Good luck getting that one out!
45 You have another roll now.
46 Don't forget to roll again.
47 Roll again!
48 Well, you won this time -- maybe I'll win next time!
49 That was a good game, but I do hope I win the next one!
50 My, you're good at this one! Can we play again?
51 This is such a fun game. Shall we play again?
52 You played a great game -- I'm sure you'll win the next one.
53 Let's play again!
54 I'm afraid you'll have to pass.
55 You have to pass this time.
56 You haven't any moves.
57 I guess I'll pass.
58 I can't move.
59 I'm passing.
60 Well, let's see if I can roll higher than that.
61 I think I might be able to beat that.
62 I'm going to try to beat that roll.
63 You have to roll a three to enter a pawn.
64 You can't enter a pawn on that roll. Wait for a three, okay?
65 Sorry, you'll have to wait for a roll of three.


0 I believe you have to roll the dice first.
1 Maybe you'd better roll the dice.
2 I think you should roll the dice first.
3 You have to lock this hand in before you roll again.
4 You won't be able to roll until you've locked in your score.
5 Lock in your score first.
6 Your score's locked in already.
7 I think you already locked in this hand.
8 You've already locked in a score.
9 That category's taken.
10 You scored that category once already.
11 You can't score two hands the same, you know.
12 I really think you ought to score your own scoresheet.
13 I don't think this is your scoresheet.
14 This is someone else's scoresheet.
15 I'm afraid this turn is over.
16 It's not your turn!
17 It's not your turn!
18 You don't have any rolls left.
19 You'll have to score your hand now.
20 That was your last roll.
21 It looks like you kept all your dice.
22 If you want to roll, you can put some of your dice back.
23 Did you want to put some dice back, or just score the hand now?
24 Oh, shoot! A zero!
25 Well, all I could do was try.
26 A zero! Darn!
27 Oh, that's too bad!
28 What awful luck!
29 Don't you just hate scoring a zero?
30 Well, it looks like we tied the game!
31 This game seems to be a tie.
32 Looks like we tied this one.
33 What a great roll for you!
34 Oh, you're so lucky!
35 That's a really tremendous roll!
36 I'll take Ones.
37 I guess I want Ones.
38 Ones!
39 I'll take Twos.
40 I want Twos.
41 Twos!
42 I'll take Threes.
43 Threes look good.
44 Threes!
45 I'll take Fours.
46 I think I want Fours.
47 Fours!
48 I'll take Fives.
49 I guess I'll take Fives.
50 Fives!
51 I'll take Sixes.
52 I guess I want Sixes.
53 Sixes!
54 I'll take Four of a kind.
55 I guess I'll take that as Four of a Kind.
56 Four of a Kind!
57 I'll take a Full House.
58 It's a Full House!
59 Full House!
60 I'll take a Small Straight.
61 That looks like a Small Straight!
62 Small Straight!
63 I'll take a Large Straight.
64 I guess that's a Large Straight.
65 Large Straight!
66 I want a Yacht!
67 I call a Yacht!
68 I'll go for a Yacht!
69 I'll take a Choice.
70 I think I'll take a Choice.
71 Choice!
72 Nice roll! A Yacht!
73 Yacht! You're so lucky!
74 You rolled a Yacht!
75 Look, I got a Yacht!
76 Oh, I just love it when that happens!
77 Ah! I have a Yacht!
78 You win! You are good at this game, aren't you?
79 Well, I gave it the old college try!
80 Next time, I'll win!
81 I win! Want to play again?
82 I've always been good at this game. Want to try again?
83 That was so much fun! Let's play again!