The Sheriff of Nottingham tends to be one of the more unique personality characters in Hoyle 3. Having a tendency to refer to his own greatness calling himself the Great Nottingham. He uses euphamisms such as 'Zounds'. He has a tendency to deride his opponent for the player's failures or improper moves, and arrogance and egotism over his own successes. He tends to curse at his opponent when he loses. He is not a very nice player. He appears to like the idea of himself becoming a king. He is concerned with his own victory and triumph over the player.

Besides his talking animation, he has a wide smile, a deep laugh with one raised eyebrow, and a sneer.

Text filesEdit


0 I must pass.
1 I will pass this turn.
2 I pass.
3 Well? Go ahead - pass!
4 You are required to pass this turn.
5 You will have to pass your turn now.
6 Don't touch my dominoes!
7 These dominoes are mine!
8 I'll thank you to keep your hands on your own dominoes.
9 You have not yet chosen a hand.
10 It would be best to choose your hand before attempting to play.
11 First choose a hand, THEN play.
12 How can you play without a domino?
13 You're trying to play without choosing a domino.
14 Don't you think you should choose a domino to play?
15 The Great Nottingham has won another hand.
16 My superior skill triumphs again.
17 I am the winner of this hand!
18 One hand means nothing - I'll simply win the next one.
19 I lost the hand, but I intend to win the game.
20 You seem to have won this one - I don't know how.
21 This hand has ended in a tie.
22 Neither of us was victorious this time.
23 A tie. So be it.
24 That is an invalid play.
25 Do not attempt such an invalid play again.
26 I cannot allow you to make an invalid play.
27 Drat! You have defeated me!
28 I do not like to lose. Perhaps it would be best to let me win the next game.
29 I cannot believe it! You are the winner!
30 You see how hopeless it is to play against one of my superior skill.
31 I have won this game. I expected as much.
32 Another triumph!
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.


0 Very well - I accept your request for a draw.
1 Since neither of us is winning, I agree to a draw.
2 It appears we have no choice but to make this game a draw.
3 The great Nottingham is not yet prepared to quit.
4 I have not yet abandoned all hope of winning.
5 I think not. I still might emerge triumphant.
6 That piece is not a king.
7 Why do you insist on treating that piece as though it were a king?
8 Only kings may move both ways on the board.
9 We are not playing on those squares.
10 You are attempting to play on the wrong square.
11 You cannot move onto those squares.
12 That's an invalid move!
13 You cannot move there!
14 Do not attempt such a move again!
15 I will thank you not to touch my pieces!
16 Play with your own pieces only, please!
17 Stop laying hands on my pieces!
18 You will move first.
19 You must move first.
20 You have the first move.
21 You are required to make a jump if one is possible.
22 The rules state that if you can make a jump you must.
23 You will have to jump, since a jump is possible.
24 Drat! You're a king!
25 You have become a king! Curses!
26 I don't fancy you a king at all.
27 I always fancied myself a king.
28 Nottingham the great is now a king!
29 I'm a king!
30 Zounds! What an astounding move!
31 I can only conclude that you are lucky.
32 If I had been paying attention, you could never have done that.
33 How is it possible that you won the game?
34 I let you win, you know.
35 You shouldn't imagine that you can best me again.
36 Nottingham claims another victory!
37 Winning against you is really not very difficult.
38 I win again!


0 My roll was the highest. I will go first.
1 It seems mine will be the first play.
2 I will go first.
3 You have rolled the highest.
4 It seems you will play first.
5 Since you rolled highest, you will play first.
6 It is not possible for you to roll the dice now.
7 You cannot roll the dice now.
8 Please do not attempt to roll the dice now.
9 The rules of this game do not permit that play.
10 That is an invalid play.
11 You cannot make that play - it is invalid.
12 I have decided that we will double now.
13 It is to my advantage to double at this time.
14 I declare a double.
15 I accept the challenge of a double!
16 I agree! Let us double!
17 I will accept your double.
18 I will not double at this time. I resign.
19 I will not double now.
20 I must refuse your double and resign.
21 You cannot double at this time.
22 I believe you will find it is my turn to double.
23 As you doubled last time, you cannot double this time.
24 One may only double at the beginning of a turn.
25 You may not double now. Wait for the beginning of a turn.
26 Doubling is done at the beginning of the turn.
27 There is a limit on doubling, and we have met ours for this game.
28 This game cannot be doubled again.
29 It will not be possible to double this game another time.
30 As you can only use one die, it must be the larger of the two.
31 In this case, you must play the higher die.
32 If you cannot use both dice, use the higher one.
33 As you can see, that man is already out of play.
34 Do not attempt to play men that are off the board.
35 That man has been borne off already, and is out of play.
36 Do not be so eager! First you must remove your man from the bar.
37 It will be necessary to take your man off the bar before moving.
38 While a man is on the bar, you may not move.
39 Perhaps if you rolled the dice first?
40 One usually rolls the dice BEFORE playing.
41 I think you will find it necessary to roll the dice.
42 The man you are attempting to play is mine.
43 Why are you trying to move my man?
44 Perhaps you should try moving your own men.
45 It appears I must pass this turn.
46 As I have no possible move, I will pass.
47 I find it necessary to pass.
48 It seems you will have to pass your turn.
49 Since you cannot move, you must pass.
50 The rules require you to pass in this situation.
51 Curses! My man is on the bar!
52 You have captured my man. You will pay.
53 Zounds! My man is on the bar!
54 I have captured your man.
55 Observe that your man is now upon the bar.
56 I have put you upon the bar.
57 You cannot bear off yet.
58 Do not begin to bear off yet.
59 It is not time for you to begin bearing off.
60 You had best complete your turn now.
61 You should roll again.
62 Roll again!


0 It would seem you are blocked from that move.
1 That move is impossible - you are blocked.
2 You cannot get past that blockade.
3 It is not allowed to advance a blockade.
4 The rules do not permit moving those two pawns to the same space.
5 You must move those pawns to different spaces.
6 You have miscounted your move.
7 That is the wrong space.
8 Count your roll again - that is the wrong space.
9 It is possible to enter a pawn on that roll.
10 Perhaps you should consider entering a pawn.
11 You might want to enter a pawn with that roll.
12 I have constructed a blockade to hold you back.
13 My blockade should keep you in place for a while.
14 You should find it somewhat difficult to move past that.
15 Zounds! A blockade!
16 I'm trapped!
17 How dare you blockade the Great Nottingham!
18 It seems you have rolled high.
19 Your roll is high. You will go first.
20 You will play first.
21 I will play first.
22 As I rolled high, I will play first.
23 I will take the first move.
24 Fool! You cannot enter a pawn on that roll.
25 Surely you know you must roll a one to enter a pawn.
26 You cannot enter a pawn until you have rolled a one.
27 You have yet to complete your move.
28 You must complete your move now.
29 Do not make me wait all day, fool. Finish your turn.
30 That is an invalid move.
31 You cannot play that piece there.
32 I cannot allow you to make that move.
33 It appears that you must give up your turn.
34 You have rolled doublets a third time. How unfortunate.
35 Your luck has turned for the worse! Three doublets!
36 Curses! Three doublets!
37 Three doublets! Now I must lose a turn!
38 The dreaded third doublet! Drat!
39 Curses! You captured my pawn!
40 You've captured my pawn!
41 I cannot believe you actually captured my pawn!
42 Hah! I've captured your pawn!
43 My superior gaming skill reveals itself again.
44 Your pawn is captured!
45 Roll again.
46 You are entitled to roll again.
47 You still have a roll coming.
48 Drat! You have won this game!
49 How could you possibly have triumphed over my superior ability?
50 I can't believe you won that game honestly!
51 See? The best player won!
52 Again I have proven myself the worthier player.
53 You must resign yourself to losing when you play the great Nottingham.
54 You must pass.
55 You have no moves.
56 You will pass now.
57 I have decided to pass.
58 I will pass.
59 I pass.
60 A roll like that would be hard NOT to beat.
61 It shouldn't be a problem to roll higher than that.
62 I do believe I'm going to better that roll.
63 Fool! You cannot enter a pawn on that roll.
64 Surely you know you must roll a three to enter a pawn.
65 You cannot enter a pawn until you have rolled a three.


0 You are required to roll the dice before you play.
1 Before you attempt to play, you should roll the dice.
2 It is necessary to roll the dice first.
3 You cannot roll again until you have locked in your score.
4 First you must lock in a score for this hand.
5 It will be necessary to score the hand before you roll.
6 Your score is locked in already.
7 You have already scored this hand.
8 It won't be necessary to score the hand twice.
9 That category already has a score in it.
10 It appears you have scored that category once before.
11 You cannot have two scores in the same category.
12 I'll thank you to score your own scoresheet!
13 You're not allowed to score someone else's scoresheet.
14 Score your own!
15 It's not your turn!
16 Wait for your turn!
17 It's not your turn!
18 You have no rolls left. Score your hand.
19 That was your last roll. Now you will have to score your hand.
20 It is time to score your hand now.
21 As you have kept all your dice, you have nothing left to roll.
22 Perhaps you should consider putting some dice back into play.
23 You have no dice in play at this time.
24 A zero! How humiliating!
25 How could the Great Nottingham score a zero?
26 I am not happy with this score.
27 This will certainly not help your game score, will it?
28 This hand seems to have put you at a disadvantage.
29 A zero. My, what a shame.
30 A tie. Hmmph!
31 Better a tie than a loss.
32 How could the game be a tie? I demand a rematch!
33 An extraordinary roll. See that you do not repeat it.
34 Hmmph!
35 Pure luck - I am not impressed.
36 I will take Ones.
37 I will score this hand as Ones.
38 Ones!
39 I will take Twos.
40 This hand will be Twos.
41 Twos!
42 I shall call Threes.
43 This hand will be Threes.
44 Threes!
45 I will take Fours.
46 I will make this hand Fours.
47 Fours!
48 This hand will be Fives.
49 I will take Fives.
50 Fives!
51 I will take Sixes.
52 I will score this as Sixes.
53 Sixes!
54 I shall call this Four of a Kind.
55 I will take Four of a Kind.
56 Four of a Kind!
57 I shall call a Full House.
58 This hand will be a Full House.
59 Full House!
60 I will take a Small Straight.
61 I will call this one a Small Straight.
62 Small Straight!
63 I will take a Large Straight.
64 I will call a Large Straight.
65 Large Straight!
66 I have decided to take the Yacht.
67 I would like a Yacht.
68 This time, a Yacht.
69 I will take a Choice.
70 This time I will take a Choice.
71 Choice!
72 Drat! You have rolled a Yacht!
73 A Yacht! How could you have had such luck?
74 Curses! You rolled a Yacht!
75 Aha! Another example of my stunning skill at dice!
76 I have rolled a Yacht! Superb!
77 A Yacht!
78 Zounds! How did you win that game?
79 Curses!
80 I cannot have lost! The Great Nottingham never loses!
81 You have lost to the Great Nottingham again!
82 Once again, victory is mine!
83 Ah, I do so love to win!