Sonny Bonds appears in Hoyle 3. His personality is not the most unique in the game, and he sticks to generic modern english which tends to be fairly bland. He tends to play by the rules, and is concerned with the rule books. As such he is more likely to point out if the player is trying to do something 'illegal', but doesn't really get angry over it.

He is generally amicable and happy when he wins or loses. Praising the player for their success and encouraging them when they lose. Highly respectful of others, and humble.

To him the games are just games, and he doesn't have interesting things to say that would relate to his personality or career. There are no police euphamisms.

Besides his speaking animation, he has a smile with raised eyebrows if he makes a good move, or the player doesn't do so well, he good laugh with raised eyebrows if he wins, or if the player wins or tries to do an invalid move a slight grimace.

Personality wise he is comparable to Rosella and Graham although they tend to have a couple of nods to their roles from their series or least a catchprase or two for personality (for example Graham makes a nod to opponents fit for 'royalty' reminding the player he is a king, even if this is a rare reference related to only one or two games)

Text filesEdit


0 I'll pass.
1 I'm going to pass.
2 I have to pass.
3 I'm afraid you have to pass now.
4 It looks like you have to pass this one.
5 You're going to have to pass this turn.
6 YOUR dominoes are on YOUR side of the board.
7 I really wish you'd leave my dominoes alone.
8 Hey, leave my dominoes alone, okay?
9 You really ought to finish choosing your hand.
10 You can't play until you've chosen your hand.
11 Choose your hand first, okay?
12 It looks like you're trying to play with no domino.
13 Hey, don't you think it'd be a good idea to choose a domino to play?
14 You're not going to be able to make that play without a domino.
15 Look at that - I won the hand!
16 Oh, hey, I won this one!
17 This one goes to me.
18 Ouch! You got me.
19 This hand's yours, all right.
20 You won this one.
21 We tied this hand.
22 Looks like nobody won this one.
23 This one's a tie.
24 I don't think that play's in the rules.
25 That move won't work. Try something else.
26 That's an invalid play.
27 Hey, you won the game! Want to play again?
28 You won this one, but how about another game?
29 That was a great game! Maybe I'll win the next one.
30 Well, I won this time -- care to try again?
31 I won, but you played a great game.
32 I got lucky that time. Let's play again.
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.


0 Great idea. Let's call it a draw.
1 You're right. This game is going nowhere fast.
2 Okay, this game is a draw.
3 I just can't think of giving up yet - sorry.
4 I still think I might be able to win this one.
5 No, I think I'm going to try to win.
6 That piece isn't a king, you know.
7 Kings are the only pieces that can move like that.
8 I think you mistook that piece for a king.
9 We're not playing on those squares.
10 That's not one of the squares we're using.
11 We're playing on the other squares.
12 Sorry, that move's illegal.
13 I don't think you can move there.
14 You're trying an illegal move.
15 Uh, that one's mine.
16 That's one of mine.
17 Maybe you'd better move your own pieces, huh?
18 You go first.
19 It's your move.
20 You're first.
21 You have to make that jump, you know.
22 The rules say you have to make that jump.
23 There's still a jump there you have to make.
24 You made it all the way. Now you're a king!
25 You're a king!
26 You're a king, now.
27 Hey, I'm a king!
28 I'm a king, now.
29 I'm a king!
30 Whoa! What a move!
31 I sure didn't see that one coming!
32 Ouch! That hurt!
33 You won this one, but maybe I'll get lucky next time.
34 That was a great game, even if you DID win!
35 You won! Good game!
36 Hey, I won the game!
37 I win! Let's play again!
38 I won this time, but what do you say we play again?


0 Oh, hey - I got the high roll!
1 Guess I get to go first, huh?
2 I'll go first.
3 You rolled high, so you go first.
4 You got the high roll -- you're first.
5 Go ahead and play first -- you got the high roll this time.
6 Uh, you can't roll the dice now, you know.
7 You're not supposed to be rolling the dice now.
8 It's not time to roll the dice yet.
9 Hey, I don't think you can do that.
10 That's not a legal play, is it?
11 Watch out -- I think you're trying to do something illegal.
12 Time to double. What do you think?
13 I'm in a good position to double, now.
14 I'm going to double.
15 All right, we'll double.
16 I accept. Let's double.
17 I'll accept that double.
18 I'm in no position to double. I'll concede the game.
19 I can't accept that double. You win!
20 Sorry, I can't accept a double now.
21 I don't think you can double right now.
22 You doubled the last time, didn't you? That means it's my turn next.
23 It's my turn to double.
24 The only time you can double is at the beginning of a turn.
25 Why don't you just wait for the start of the next turn?
26 You can only double at the start of a turn.
27 We've already reached the doubling limit for this game.
28 There's no way we can double this game any more.
29 We've doubled this one all we can.
30 You ought to play the highest die.
31 When you can only play one, it has to be the highest one.
32 If you can't play both dice, you have to play the highest one.
33 Hey, that man's out of play!
34 You can't play a man after you've borne him off.
35 That man's off the board already.
36 I'm afraid you're not going anywhere while that man's still on the bar.
37 You can't move a man while a man's on the bar.
38 Not so fast! You've still got a man on the bar.
39 Hmmm. Maybe you ought to try rolling the dice first.
40 It works better when you roll the dice first.
41 You really should roll the dice.
42 Why are you trying to play my man?
43 Pay attention. That's not your man.
44 Hold it - that's my man you're trying to play.
45 Well, it looks like I'm going to pass.
46 I don't have a choice - I've got to pass.
47 I guess I'll pass this one.
48 Looks like you'll have to pass.
49 I think you're stuck. You'll have to pass.
50 You're going to have to pass this turn.
51 Ouch! You got me!
52 I should've been more careful than that.
53 You got me that time! I'd better watch out.
54 You've got to be careful about leaving those guys open like that.
55 I got you that time.
56 Looks like you're stuck on the bar. Sorry!
57 The rules say you can't bear off yet.
58 You can't bear off until you get all of your men around the board.
59 Not so fast! You can't bear off unless all your men are in your court.
60 Go ahead, roll again.
61 Roll again!
62 You get to roll again.


0 You're blocked but good.
1 That blockade's got you.
2 You're blocked from that move.
3 Nope. You can't advance a blockade.
4 Advancing a blockade is illegal.
5 You'll have to move those pawns to two different spaces.
6 I think you'd better count again.
7 I think you landed on the wrong space.
8 Maybe you'd better count that roll again.
9 You know, you can enter a pawn on that roll.
10 That roll's good for entering a pawn.
11 Do you think you might want to enter a pawn?
12 Check it out -- a roadblock!
13 Let's see if that holds you for a while.
14 Maybe this will slow you down just a little.
15 Ouch! That ought to slow me down some.
16 You blocked me!
17 I'm blocked!
18 Okay, you go first.
19 You rolled high, so you get to go first.
20 You're the high roller. Go ahead and play.
21 All right, I guess I get the first play.
22 I rolled higher, so I'll play first.
23 I'll go first.
24 You can't enter a pawn with that roll.
25 You'll need to roll a one to enter that pawn.
26 You won't be able to enter that pawn until you roll a one.
27 You're not finished moving yet.
28 You still have a move left.
29 You have a move left.
30 That's an invalid move.
31 You can't make that move. Check the rules.
32 You'll have to make a different move -- that one's invalid.
33 Three doublets in a row! That means you lose a turn!
34 You have to lose a turn for three doublets in a row.
35 Sorry. You have to lose a turn.
36 Ouch! Three doublets!
37 I really didn't need three doublets in a row!
38 I guess there's such a thing as getting too lucky, huh?
39 You got my pawn!
40 That hurts!
41 Oh, no -- you captured one of my pawns!
42 Gotcha!
43 Sorry, but I had to capture that guy.
44 You left that man wide open.
45 I think you have another roll coming.
46 Roll again!
47 You still have another roll.
48 Hey, you won the game!
49 You won this time -- maybe you'd like to give me another chance?
50 You're pretty good at this game. Want to play again?
51 What do you know? I won!
52 I won this one -- I've been practicing.
53 I won this time. Maybe we ought to play again.
54 Looks like you're stuck.
55 You'll have to pass.
56 You haven't got a move.
57 Looks like I'll pass.
58 I'm going to pass.
59 I'll pass.
60 It'll be easy to beat THAT!
61 That wasn't a very good roll. Watch this!
62 I can beat that!
63 You can't enter a pawn with that roll.
64 You'll need to roll a three to enter that pawn.
65 You won't be able to enter that pawn until you roll a three.


0 I think maybe you ought to roll the dice.
1 Shouldn't you roll the dice first?
2 First you have to roll the dice.
3 Before you roll again, you have to lock in a score for this hand.
4 You'd better lock in a score before you roll again.
5 I think you're supposed to lock in a score now.
6 Your score's locked in already.
7 You already locked in a score for this hand.
8 This hand's locked in already.
9 You've already got a score there.
10 You scored there once before.
11 That category's been scored already.
12 Better stick to scoring your own scoresheet.
13 Um, I think that's someone else's scoresheet.
14 You have to score on your own scoresheet.
15 Maybe you should wait for your next turn.
16 It's someone else's turn now.
17 Maybe you should wait for your next turn.
18 You've already rolled three times - now you have to score it.
19 You don't have any more rolls left. Better score the hand.
20 You have to score your hand now.
21 It looks like you've kept all your dice.
22 You don't have any dice to roll.
23 None of your dice are in play right now.
24 Boy, I hate doing that!
25 A zero. That's really going to hurt me.
26 I had to take a zero on that one.
27 Looks like you take a zero this time.
28 Zero. Too bad, huh?
29 Don't you hate those zero hands?
30 We've tied this game. I think we ought to play again.
31 This one looks like a tie.
32 We tied this game up - let's play one more.
33 Wowie, what a roll!
34 Can you do that again?
35 I wish I was rolling that well!
36 Ones!
37 I'll take Ones.
38 I'll take Ones this time.
39 Twos!
40 I'll take Twos.
41 Make mine Twos.
42 Threes!
43 I'll take Threes.
44 I'll go for Threes.
45 Fours!
46 I'll take Fours.
47 Fours for me.
48 Fives!
49 I'll take Fives.
50 I'll take Fives this time.
51 Sixes!
52 I'll take Sixes.
53 I'm going to take Sixes.
54 Four of a Kind!
55 I'll take Four of a Kind.
56 How about Four of a Kind?
57 Full House!
58 I'll take a Full House.
59 I'll go for a Full House.
60 Small Straight!
61 I'll take a Small Straight.
62 I want a Small Straight.
63 Large Straight!
64 I'll take a Large Straight.
65 I'm taking a Large Straight.
66 I'm taking Yacht.
67 I think I'll take Yacht.
68 This time I'll call it a Yacht.
69 Choice!
70 I'm calling Choice.
71 I'm going for Choice this time.
72 Hey, that was a great roll!
73 You got a Yacht!
74 Lucky you -- you rolled a Yacht!
75 A Yacht!
76 Lucky roll, huh?
77 I got a Yacht!
78 You played great! How about just one more game?
79 I know I'll win the next one.
80 You're pretty good at this. Care to give me another chance?
81 I won that one, but maybe the next one will be your game.
82 Hey, I won! Let's play again!
83 I won, but you played a great game. Let's play another one.